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Make Your Parents Proud: Become A Bacon Critic


It has long been established that bacon, as a whole, tastes very good. If you’re a person who spends a lot of their free time eating bacon (like me, tbh) and are also on the hunt for a new job, Time Inc. may have the perfect position for you: Bacon Critic.

That’s right, Bacon Critic is now a job that you can have, and you don’t even need to have a degree in bacon! According to Time’s job listing, the Bacon Critic will be writing for their new brunch- and breakfast-focused website (another job you can have: owner of a brunch- and breakfast-focused website) and

If you think this job is right for you, you can apply here, but be forewarned I already sent them my resume like 100 times.

Read more: https://www.betches.com


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