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The Parenting Challenges We Face Being First-Generation Canadians


First-generation Canadians and Americans face many struggles that I have been talking about in my three-part video series starting with the struggle to fit in, why sleepovers were an absolute no in our house and the teenage years. I would love for you to also participate and share your experiences growing up as a child to immigrant parents.

In part three of my first-generation Canadians series, I am talking about parenting. The struggle is real my friends. I’m not even talking about religion which is a whole other topic. Here I’m simply trying to balance two cultures when raising kids.

I am a first-generation Canadian trying to raise three boys, while also trying to maintain some of my Indian cultural background. It’s been a challenge, to say the least. Everything from what to name my kids, what languages to teach them and what holidays should or should not be celebrated in our home. 

Every holiday season and through the year as religious and cultural events come up, it starts a new conversation in our house. I personally feel that along with celebrating all the Sikh celebrations it’s also important for my children to not feel left out and celebrate Christmas and Halloween. This is our way to embrace life in Canada while staying close to our roots.

Are you a parent facing a similar struggle? Watch the video above and share your thoughts. I would love for you to be part of the conversation and share your experiences! What are some of the tough decisions you have faced as a first-generation Canadian or American parent?

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